The interactive video slot machine game called Spy Game is very exciting. The start of the game offers a video clip that tells a story. It shows a factory where dangerous weapons are being assembled. Your role as a player of this game is to neutralize these weapons so they can’t cause mass destruction. Most of us played spy as a kid, and it can be fun to enjoy that role again as you play this slot game too.

Full screen animations are delivered in this game, and they don’t disappoint. For example, the car zooms ahead with guns firing from the hood. The martini glass also gets filled up from a flask, with an olive being dropped in the glass at the end.

The objective as you play Spy Game is to collect 3 parts of device that has the ability to cause a powerful explosion. If you successfully collect all 3, an additional bonus round is activated. The spy is taken to an island where the weapons are created.

An explosive device has to be planted in one of 4 possible locations. Based on the selected location, bonus credits will be awarded. There is a second bonus round that can be completed after this one. After you get all 3 components and then a rifle, it is activated.

Thanks to the map provided within this game, you can track your progress in the mission. If you enjoy James Bond movies, you will easily identify the various symbols featured in this game. They include a camera, car, girl, and the spy.

A File is considered the wild symbol. It can take the place of any other symbol. With that in place, it can create a payout situation. There aren’t any multipliers offered when the wild symbol is used.

The scatter symbol is the Pistol. While it doesn’t increase the payout, it can open up very exciting bonus rounds. When you get free spin rounds, there are high multipliers that can significantly increase the amount of coins you win. When 3 or more Pistols appear, there are 10 free spins with 4x payouts. Should there be a File to help win a payout during the free spins, then 7x is the payout.

The highest amount of money that can be wagered per spin is $2.50. The highest regular payout with symbols on the pay line is 2,000 credits. This is when the maximum amount is wagered and there are 5 Girl symbols showing on a pay line. There are 15 pay lines offered within this game and up to 5 coins can be wagered per pay line. The coin denominations range from $.01 to $.50.

There aren’t any progressive jackpots offered within Spy Game. The jackpots that are offered are low value. The highest fixed jackpot payout is 800 coins. However, most players agree this game is fascinating to play. They enjoy the adventures and the various bonus games. They also find the payouts they do receive are generous and allow them to play the game often without a second thought.