Brought to the online casino world, this slot is based on the DC comic Wonder Woman. The clip that is shown in the introduction has some truly amazing animation. This clip feature Wonder Woman and her archrival Ares. This clip will also introduce the player to the symbols that will be seen on the reels during the game. Wonder Woman serves as the wild symbol, with the games logo serving as the scatter symbol.

The other symbols on the reels include the enemies of Wonder Woman, Ares, Artemis, and her jet. In this game, the high value cards are symbolized with various weapons of Wonder Woman. The cards range from nine to ace. These weapons include the lasso of truth, her tiara (which she uses as a dagger) and a boomerang, her sword, and her shield. Fans of the comic will appreciate the significance of each weapon in regards to the original story line.

This slot is lacking in the audio department with no background music for the normal spins. That fact is lost though once you see the animations of Wonder Woman and Ares. Wonder Woman can be seen raising her arms to use her bracelets to deflect a laser beam. Ares can be seen brandishing his sword. There is some animation in the logo of the game itself. As for the other symbols, they simply flash when they appear in a winning combination.

This game offers players fifty paylines; there are also four lines of symbols shown on the reels. When choosing your coin denomination high rollers will not be disappointed, with values ranging from .01-20.00 the max bet in this game is a staggering 20,000 when you consider the twenty coins per line cap. This game does not offer a progressive jackpot instead offering a first and second jackpot of 5000 and 2000 respectively.

The wild symbol appears on all reels except for number one. The wild does not offer any specific payouts, however it does double the payout when included in a winning combination. It is also used to trigger the free spins round. This happens if three or more of the symbols are present. In this round, eight free spins are offered at double payout.

The game logo serves as the scatter symbol. When two or more of these symbols appear on the reel the player receives scatter payouts. Three or more of the symbols trigger the Ares Showdown. In order to trigger this feature, you must have the Bonus Bet active. This is a new feature in which you wager an additional ten coins. When Bonus Bet is active, scatter payouts are multiplied by 50. In this feature, Ares attacks Wonder Woman three times. If Wonder Woman wins, the player can receive up to one hundred times the triggering bet. This feature cannot be triggered in a free spin bonus round.


  • Features a popular comic character
  • Innovative Bonus Bet feature
  • Ares Showdown feature is great
  • Wonder Wilds free spin feature


  • No progressive jackpot
  • Free spins cannot be triggered more than once per session