Many of us grew up admiring the wits and the antics of James Bond – AKA 007! Double O’ Cash puts a fun spin in that concept. It is a very interesting slot machine game with various guns, explosions, and much more to offer as graphics for your entertainment. The graphics associated with this particular game continue to get rave reviews. They are absolutely amazing and it is often stated they are reflective of newer video game quality.

One of the disappointing elements of this game though is there is no wild symbol. Almost all slot machine games have one. This is a symbol that can substitute for any other symbol and you can use it to generate payouts. Double O’ Cash may not have one but they do offer plenty of payouts both big and small.

The scatter symbol will trigger Free Spins Bonus Game as well as the Bonus Mission Bonus Game. There is no way to trigger more free spins though when you are using those free ones already generated. This is a disappointment to some players who are used to that being a possibility with other games they enjoy playing.

The Sports Car is a scatter in this game and the more of them you get on a reel spin the more free spins you can get. You will need three of them to get the free spins and you can get up to five of them at a time. The Watch is also a scatter and if you get five of them in a row, you will 50x your bet amount. The free spin bonus ranges from 10 to 30 free spins each time.

At the bottom left of the game, you can click on it to see the various payouts that are offered. Five screens cover all of the information so that means there are quite a few winning combinations. To move from one of these screens to the others just click NEXT.

Players love being able to make adjustments with Double O’Cash. For example, you can make changes to the types of sounds that will occur while you play this slot machine game. You can set the game up for AutoPlay so it will continue to spin the reels for a specified number of turns at a set wager amount.

In order to use the AutoPlay feature, you must put the game into expert mode. There is also the Quick Spin option so the reels will go faster. There is less of a lag between spins and that can be what you are looking for. Double O’ Cash features 5 reels and 20 pay lines. The maximum bet per spin is 200 coins. The maximum payout offered with this slot machine game is 100,000 coins.

That is far less than many of the other games out there. Yet what many players have stated is they win more frequently with this particular game than they do others. They were skeptical at first due to the lack of the wild and the lower payout. Yet when they compare what they win overall with this slot machine game versus others, this one is usually in the lead.