Monster Mania is a fun slots game based on a gang of furry little monsters. The game leans towards the silly side of monster cartoons, rather than the more serious horror tones that some players might prefer. The game itself has been designed by one of the industry leaders, Microgaming, and because of this players can expect plenty of fluid gameplay and chances to win.

Visuals and Presentation

The initial impression that many players will take from Monster Mania is ‘colorful and goofy’. The art design never takes itself too seriously, and this is almost a refreshing thing, and will be especially so for players who have been spending time on more realistically themed games.

The monsters featured are all cute and cheerful, and there’s nothing scary about the way they’ve been designed. The other in game icons are represented by cartoon fruits, so some elements of Monster Mania are throwbacks to the early days of slot machine gaming.

There is little in the way of animation in this game, so besides movement of the reels and winning notifications things are mostly static. There is a decent sound implementation though, and background noises can be enabled to simulate the atmosphere in a real land based casino.

Overall the presentation is adequate, but is not anything that sets new standards. Players who demand ultra-crisp realistic graphics will likely end up taking their coins to another game.


The gameplay of Monster Mania couldn’t be described as anything other than simple.

The first thing that players need to understand is that this is not a high roller slot game. The coin maximum is capped at 18, the coin sizes only range from 0.25 to 2.00, and there are only 9 lines of play that can be bet on. This means that things will never get too complicated, which is a feature that limits the overall audience of the game.

All paylines play left to right, unless there are scatter symbols present, which pay out no matter where they are.

The familiar scatter and wild symbols are present in Monster Mania, and this is expected since it is essentially the industry norm at this time. A wild symbol can substitute for other symbols on a line, except for scatter symbols, but it only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4. Scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the reel to trigger a win.

Jackpots and Bonuses

Keeping in line with the simplistic approach to the game, there are no bonus rounds or payout gambles. What is more disappointing though, is the fact that there isn’t even a free spins mode enabled on the game. Free spins is a bonus that many players expect, and the addition of this mode would not have added any unnecessary complexity to the game.

Payouts in the game are low relative to other games, but they do make sense considering the low maximum bets. 5 Scatter Brain symbols pay out 100 coins, multiplied by the total bet on line, while 5 of the highest ranking Monster symbol pays a jackpot of 1000. The second highest jackpot is 900. This is significantly low, so again, players should be reminded that this is a low stakes slots game. Another thing that will bother some players is the lack of a progressive jackpot.

What’s Hot

The presentation of Monster Mania is fun and vibrant, and the game can be learnt and enjoyed in seconds. Low bets mean that players can start learning slots with very little risk.

What’s Not

The lack of game modes, low jackpots, no free spins, and no progressive jackpot make this a game that veterans and high rollers will likely avoid.

Final Thoughts

Monster Mania is a game that will divide online slots fans. On the one hand it is simple to learn and easy to get in to, on the other hand, the rewards are low and players might quickly outgrow the game. This game should appeal to players wanting to learn the ins and outs of online slots, as well as those wanting some quick fun without risking big bets. For players looking for anything else, there are alternatives out there that will suit their needs better.